Installing AB Walls

An internet connection is required for proper installation.

  1. Make sure your system is up to date with all Microsoft Windows updates.

  2. Install AB Walls.

  3. The installation process should begin automatically. If it does not begin: Double-click on your CD drive to initiate the drive. Click Explore. Run the Setup.exe file
    • Additional software may need to be installed by Microsoft for the proper operation of the software. These additions will be downloaded directly from Microsoft or the appropriate vendor. Install these files as prompted.

  4. After installation, AB Walls will automatically run. Select your language and click Continue.

  5. On the next window, click the Decline button to close the software.

  6. Open AB Walls from your Start menu.

  7. Files will automatically download to update your copy of AB Walls to the current version.

  8. After reviewing the Disclaimer, click the Accept button to proceed.

  9. You will now be prompted to enter your CD ID Number.

  10. Click the Submit CD-ID Number button.

  11. Continue registration by clicking one of the buttons on the right. These registration methods are described in more detail below.

  12. After completing all the requested information, click the Submit button.

Registration Methods

New Registration

Use this registration method if:

  • You are the first person to register with this CD ID Number.

  • You do not have internet connection, or there was a problem connecting to the database.
    • If this problem persists each time the program opens, please contact the Allan Block Engineering Department for assistance and a manual registration of the software.

  • You do not wish to register at this time and would prefer to use the 30-day trial period.
    • To continue without registering, simply click the New Registration button followed by the Quit button

Load Company Registration

Use this registration method if:

  • Another person in your office as already registered this CD ID Number. This will load your company information so you do not have to retype all the information.

Load Existing Registration

Use this registration method if:

  • You have already registered AB Walls. This will load all of your registration information so you will only need to confirm the accuracy.

Engineering Password

If you are an engineer, you may contact the Allan Block Engineering Department to receive an engineering password. This password would allow you to design sections over 10 feet (3.05 meters) tall and allow you to remove the preliminary stamp from all the output documents.