Drop-Down Menu - Notes

The Notes Drop-Down Menu allows the designer to add or modify General Notes or Specification


General Notes: Soils

  1. The soils information is populated from the soil parameters defined in the design.

  2. Edit the soil description here.

  3. If you do not want the Soil Notes to print out, remove the defaulted check mark from the toggle box.


General Notes: Construction

  1. Hide or display a default note by checking or un-checking the toggles.

  2. Highlight a note to make it appear in the lower Edit Window.

  3. Make any desired changes and click Edit to save your changes.

  4. To completely remove a note, highlight it and click Delete.

  5. To clear the Edit Window, either highlight a different note to edit or click Clear.

  6. To Add a new note, Clear the Edit Window and type your new note and click Add.

  7. After you have completed your edits you can save these revised notes as your new Default notes.


General Notes: Surface Drainage

Surface drainage notes screen works the same as the Construction Notes screen.


General Notes: Default Note

In this screen, you will find the original default notes that came with the program. If you wish to replace any edited note with a default note, simply highlight the note and copy it from the lower screen. Then past it to the desired location in the Construction or the Surface Drainage Notes screens.


NOTE: When there are updates required for the program, any updates to the General Notes will occur here, in the Default Notes screen.

Specification Notes:

The Allan Block Specification, Geogrid Specification and Water Management Specification screens work the same as the General Notes screens.


Save to My Default Specification Button:

This button allows the designer to save their own set of specifications. Once the designer makes their site-specific changes clicking this button will save them in the program to be used on future projects.


Load AB Default Specifications Button:

This button will replace any revised notes the designer has used on past projects with the current list of default specifications.


NOTE: The Default Specifications are updated when there are updates required for the program