Designing Your Project - Quantities Worksheet

The WORKSHEET portion of this program was developed to assist professionals determine costs associated with construction.

The WORKSHEET does all of the following:

  • Helps construct an accurate take off for materials on a project.
  • Records the amount of cost associated with:
    • Labor
    • Engineering
    • Equipment
    • Develops an overall cost to the customer for completing the project
  • The WORKSHEET is a simple spreadsheet. Enter overages, costs, labor rate and equipment cost to calculate your total project cost. Click the Update worksheet button to view these changes.

Material Worksheet Notes:

The accuracy and use of numbers contained in this document and program are the sole responsibility of the user of this program. Allan Block Corp. assumes no liability for the use or misuse of this worksheet. The user must verify each estimate and calculation for accuracy as they pertain to their particular project. Please note that the quantities of AB Corner units are not estimated automatically. The user must manually determine the number of AB Corner units needed for their particular project.

Send Info Button

By clicking the Send Project Information and Quantities to your Allan Block Sales Rep. button the designers is sent out to a web page that can send an email to the sales rep.

In the email form:

  1. Project information
  2. Material Quantities
  3. In the text box you can send instructions on to the sales rep.

When complete, click the Send Email to Sales Rep button at the bottom.

send info button