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Useful Resources

Residential Retaining Wall Installation Manual
For walls under 6ft in height. (1.83 Meters)
Commercial Retaining Wall Installation Manual
How to Build Commercial Walls
Design Ideas Book
Find inspiration for your next project.

Select the type of soil being retained:

The soil behind the wall is a critical part of the total structure. You will need to select what soil you have on your project.

Select the condition above the wall:

Any added weight above the wall is a surcharge which will put more pressure on a retaining wall. Select the appropriate surcharge for the project.
A slope above the wall will add more pressure and weight. A slope is measured in “run to rise”. There are two options and the 3:1 slope is steeper than a 4:1 slope.
Reference the following examples to find the station, top of wall, and grades to be entered:
Elevation View
The elevation view is what the wall would look like if you were standing in front of the wall and looking at the front of the blocks. Imagine if you could straighten out any corners and curves to make it straight.
Station Point (SP)
At any given location along the wall a station point can be identified to indicate where wall heights are known.
Distance Between Station Points
This is the measured distance between each point along the wall.
Running Distance
This is the total distance along the wall. This length starts at zero on the left and will continue to get larger to represent the entire length.
Top Of Wall
This is the expected elevation at the top of the wall at any given station. This is approximate as final height is dependent on actual height of the units being used.
This is the finished grade at the base of the wall.
Exposed Wall Height
Height of wall from grade to top of wall.
Bottom Of Wall
This will be the true bottom of the wall. It is connected to the grade and will account for the buried block. The default is a minimum of 6-inches (15cm) and or 1-inch per 1-foot (2.54 cm per 30 cm) of wall height depending on what is greater. You can enter in your own value as another option.
Commercial Retaining Wall
*Up to 30ft(10m) in Height.

Residential Retaining Wall
*Up to 6ft(2m) in Height.

Enter The Height And Length Of Your Wall
Enter the Exposed Maximum Wall Height:
This will populate rows in the table below to this height as a starting point.
Enter the number of Station Points(SP) in your wall:
This will
Choose how you will enter the length of the wall:
Pick how you will enter the height at each station point along the wall:
Fill in the table below for all the heights at each station point along your wall:
Click on a row to edit. Hit 'Enter' on keyboard or click 'Done Editing SP' to save changes.
Buried Block:
Enter The Height And Length Of Your Wall
Fill out the table below with the walls Station, Top of wall, and Grade values. For help, reference the examples on the left side of the page or by clicking the AB Workshop Logo to watch a video.
To easily enter elevations, you can begin by entering the Max Exposed Height of your wall:
Top of Wall
Exposed Height (
Reference the example below to find your walls average elevation:
numberofcourses Number of Courses:
Select the number of courses that will represent your wall height. Consider the max elevation or an average elevation over the length that is being entered. For example, if my wall is 8 courses tall, which is approximately 5-ft (1.52 m) tall on one side, but over the next 20-ft (6.1 m) it reduced in height to 4 courses, approximately 2.5-ft (0.76 m). I would enter an average height of 6 courses, approximately 3.8-ft (1.15 m) to estimate the project.
Residential Retaining Wall
.635 ft(193.5 mm) per course
*Up to 6ft (1.8M) in height
This is the length of the wall that is being estimated.
If you need a wall taller than 6ft (1.8m), Click the button below.
Accept elevation view, or go back to make changes
Station Point (SP) Distance Between SP Running Distance Top of Wall Finished Grade Exposed Height
Select Wall, Add Another Wall, or Continue
Wall Selection
Selected Wall:
Wall Number Soil Type Surcharge Max Height Length
Select the type of estimate you'd like:
Examples of what you get back as estimates and sales documents numberofcourses
Adjust the overages for your project:
Here you can adjust the overages for each item needed to build your project

Material Quantity Unit Overage % Total
Geogrid in slope
Sleeve It

Track your equipment costs:

Use this table to track equipment costs for your project.

Choose from the Collections of our retaining wall products to finish your estimate.
Select the block colors listed within each collection to choose a product.
Up to 3 can be added to the estimate.
The AB® Collection offers a textured exposed aggregate finish that lends well to natural color tones and shadowing. Enjoy the beauty and durability of this collection's classic cut stone look that will define your outdoor living space with style.

    AB Classic®
    AB Ashlar Blend™
The AB Europa® Collection offers the look and feel of weathered stone to the landscape. If your design calls for an elegant and ageless look, AB Europa is the right choice. The timeless beauty and unique texture of the AB Europa Collection offers a stunning look and gives old world charm to any landscape.

    AB Dover
    AB Abbey Blend™
The AB Aztec™ Collection offers a smooth flowing look and the feel of movement. The molded face is subtle but impressive.

    AB Aztec Classic
    AB Aztec Blend®
The AB Metropolitan™ Collection offers minimalistic aesthetics and smooth clean lines with its main focus is on functionality. This mid-century modern style will offer the same dependable Allan Block system for a fresh look to your outdoor surroundings.

    AB Metro Classic
The AB Fieldstone® Collection is a innovative product that has unlimited possibilities in style and constructability.This 2 piece system offers a retaining wall option that is light weight, made from recycled materials, and has different facing options.

Choose the type of anchoring unit:
    812 Facing Unit
    824 Facing Unit
    ½ 812, ½ 824
Optional products from the AB Collection with a split face look. AB Vertical is custom ordered for DOT or roadway projects. The AB Stones is great where a bigger setback is offered so less gerogrid is needed.

    AB Vertical
    AB Stone
*Block specs are found under pricing.
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