Cutting Concrete Fence Blocks


Always wear safety glasses when splitting or cutting concrete fence blocks . A dust mask is recommended when cutting blocks.

  • Use a masonry saw with a diamond cutting blade or a metal chop saw with a dry cutting diamond blade.
  • NOTE: Masonry saws and metal chop saws are available for rental at most retail centers.

AB Fence Post and Panel Blocks

Fence Panel Standard Connection

Fence Panel Standard Connection

Cutting Post Blocks to Make a Corner

Miter Cut Fence Corner

Fence Panel Modified Connection

Fence Panel Modified Connection

AB Fence Panels, Posts, and Corner blocks are all designed to minimize the amount of cutting on a project site. AB Fence Panel Blocks can be cut to accomodate angles upt to 15°

Modifying AB Fence Post & Panels

Be sure to wear appropriate safety gear, including protective eye wear, dust mask, and hearing protection when cutting, and operate power saws carefully.

To meet a specific custom angle during construction, two AB Fence Post Blocks can be miter cut to fit the angle.

Modifying AB Fence Capstones

Due to the post-panel fence design, capping a fence panel requires minimal cutting. (Most projects will only need to cut oneAB Fence Capstones per panel to fit between two posts.)

Capping Angles

If the fence panel is angled, then a fence cap will need to be cut to match the specific angle.

  • Match the fence cap to the angle of the fence panel and make the same angled cut. See Tech Sheet #2005: Building Corners with AB Fence for more information.
  • Then set the cap in place so that the fence caps fit tightly together.
  • For complete details see instructions on building curved fences.

Capping Posts

Standard AB Fence Post Caps are designed to match the AB Fence Post Block with zero cutting. The AB Fence Large Post Block is also available for use of your projects but will require a different capping option.

There are a variety of capping options when using the AB Fence Large Post Block:

  • AB Courtyard Post Cap allows for an overhanging look. If using the AB Courtyard Post Cap, use a chisel remove the center projection of the top post block for a smooth fit.
  • Precast Concrete Caps can be used with the center projection chiseled out for a tight fit.
  • Trowled Concrete Caps can be used for proper water displacement as well.
  • See the Tech Sheet: AB Fence Large Post Block for more information.
AB Fence Large Post Block

AB Fence Large Post Block

AB Fence Cap Block

AB Fence Cap Block

Note: Its a good idea to secure caps into place with a masonry adhesive once they are cut.