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ABU Online

Contractor ABU (Allan Block University) Online is picking up the pace during the winter months. Check out the topics and dates below and register today for the online events that best fit your schedule. These events happen once a month and on the third Tuesday of each month all year long. Simply click the link below for each of the events that best fits into your day:

Contractor ABU Online

Allan Block provides 8 different webinars to attend. We have two different topics each day of the week.

Tuesday and Thursday at
9 AM or 3 PM CDT

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Inspiring Projects

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Classic

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Aztec Classic

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Aztec Blend Pattern

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Aztec Classic

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Aztec Blend Pattern

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Classic

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Classic

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Classic

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Classic

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Classic

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Classic

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Classic and AB Fence

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Ashlar Blend Pattern

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Classic

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Classic

Allan Block Patio Wall Photo
AB Courtyard

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Classic

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo
AB Ashlar Blend Pattern

In this Issue:

AB Advanced Residential Certification Course

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Our motto at Allan Block is “Always Better”. Therefore, we are continuously working to improve our programs and services, which involves our AB Contractor Certification Courses as well. This has led us to create our new AB Advanced Residential Contractor Certification Course in which we focus on assisting you in using our tools and services to help improve your sales ability for the residential markets.

Our new AB Advanced Residential Certification Course focuses on gaining insight to the needs of homeowners and expanding the value that you can deliver to them and their projects. This is done through classroom learning and hands-on experience with our various tools available to you. Some of the topics covered in a classroom learning include:

  • Understanding customer needs
  • Preconstruction meetings and their importance
  • Providing a professional approach & proposals to customers
  • Using your Allan Block Certification to your benefit
  • Leveraging your Allan Block resume
  • Much More

Along with the classroom learning, we want you to receive experience and gain the comfortability and proficiency to use our many available resources. The AB Advanced Residential Certification Course will provide you a skill set in the following and more:

  • Scope of work & contract documents
  • Quote & ordering documents
  • AB Retaining Wall App
  • AB Courtyard App
  • AB Estimating Tool
  • AB 3D Modeling Tool
  • AB Custom Catalog Builder
  • AB Residential Submittal Builder

Similar to our AB Contractor Certification Course, there are multiple levels in the AB Advanced Residential Certification Training. These levels are Qualified, Professional, and Expert. Progressing through these levels are different however in that we are focused on the growth in your sales ability and your progress by showcasing the different scope of work, submittal, and estimate documents along with the presentation of your projects.

Similar to our AB Contractor Certification Course, there are multiple levels in the AB Advanced Residential Certification Training. For more information on Allan Block’s new AB Advanced Residential Contractor Certification course, check out the Contractor Resources Portal on our website or contact us directly at info@allanblock.com , or give us a call at 800-899-5309.

Steps and Benefits to Becoming an AB Master Wall Builder

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Allan Block’s Contractor Certification Program is a crucial part of our involvement with the Segmental Retaining Wall industry. The program offers an excellent opportunity for contractors working with Allan Block products to better themselves and make themselves more appealing to potential clients. The highest accolade that a contractor can receive through our AB Contractor Certification Program, is the title of AB Master Wall Builder. This designation requires hard work, but also comes with excellent perks.

To become an AB Master Wall Builder, one must first become an AB Certified Contractor. This can be achieved by completing one of our certification courses, and then building a wall with at least 300 AB units (full size or equivalent). Contact your local sales rep or reach out to Allan Block corporate to get the latest information on when contractor certification courses are being held.

After you have become an AB Certified Contractor, the next step is building walls and submitting the projects to your sales rep. To see the qualifications and for a more thorough explanation of the AB Master Wall Builder and AB Contractor Certification process, check out our Contractor Certification webpage. Becoming an AB Master Wall Builder is an excellent leverage opportunity when putting in bids on jobs.

Master Wall Builder

All our AB Master Wall Builders receive an AB Master Wall builder jacket and a new edge in your local market. This goes along with all the other yearly rewards you can get as an AB Certified Contractor from our rewards program. You are also encouraged to forward us any testimonials from clients, as we will include them in our MWB profile. This can also help with future referrals that your AB sales representative can send you way. Becoming an AB Master Wall Builder is an excellent leverage opportunity when putting in bids on jobs.

It means a lot to us at Allan Block whenever we get to send out a reward. It shows that you are active and prospering in our Contractor Program. Feel free to reach out to us at info@allanblock.com if you have any additional questions about the program!

Contractor Resource Portal - Find Everything You Need All in One Place!

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Time is money, so we have created a place where you can see all your resources on one easy-to-read page! To locate our Contractor Resource Portal, go to allanblock.com and on the top right corner.

Training image
  • Upcoming Online Training Webinars: Currently offering eight 30+ minute sessions on every Tuesday and Thursday. We offer general to in-depth topics to help you be more successful in your business.
  • AB Contractor Certification Training: You can find information on our training for retaining walls, fences, and classes available.
  • Rewards Program: Another perk of becoming certified is that you earn rewards!
  • AB Advanced Residential Contractor Certification Training: This will help enhance your sales ability by teaching you how to provide a professional proposal for your customer in the residential market. You will find a full write-up of this in this Newsletter! Contact Chad or Don for more details
  • Estimating tools: This is where you will find our AB Design & Estimating Apps, as well as our 3D Modeling tool which can give you an accurate look at your AB Retaining Wall or AB Courtyard Patio Wall that you are building. These tools have the ability to give you an estimate of block counts, as well as how much geogrid, tools, and equipment you will need.
  • Past Online Training Webinars: Don’t have time to dial into a live webinar? No problem! Tap into them whenever you want to.
  • On Demand Training Videos: Everything from Basic Installation and Technical & Sales Webinars, to weekend projects like Installing a Compost Bin or a BBQ Grilling Station, these videos touch on all topics and can be a huge asset.

We also provide an AB Training Syllabus that shows all the training available to you.

Our AB Submittal Tool lets you build Custom Catalogs and Residential Submittals, as well as information on how to leverage Home Advisor for your future leads.

The number of resources in this portal are invaluable, and they will help you hit your greatest potential!

AB Fieldstone Collection®

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Do you have homeowners/clients looking for something new and modern for their retaining wall needs? Maybe something that is not a rough, split face block? Have you heard of our AB Fieldstone Collection?

What is the AB Fieldstone Collection?

Green, Natural and Friendly

The AB Fieldstone Collection is an innovative two-piece block system for segmental retaining walls (SRWs).

Where can it be used?

The AB Fieldstone Collection can be used for residential and commercial projects. It has the look of Natural Stone, in many facing options, to appeal to the aesthetic driven homeowner, and the capability to handle any commercial project.

fieldstone terraced wall fieldstone corner and wall with fence above

What makes it unique?

The AB Fieldstone Collection is adaptable to any project with 2 choices of anchoring units, Short Anchor Unit (SAU) and Long Anchor Unit (LAU). Each anchoring unit is made out of recycled materials and each size also serves a purpose: SAU creates a unit depth of 1 ft (0.3m) which lines up with all of our design charts, the LAU creates a depth of 2 ft (0.6 m) which allows for taller gravity walls.

Since the system is in 2 pieces, it is lighter and easier to install as well as allows for transition to above grade walls. The Fieldstone facing units can be used in a parapet above the walls as well. This ensures that the same block to be used for the wall and the parapet for a continuous look.

fieldstone parapet construction

For more information, visit our website or email us at salessupport@allanblock.com.

Hot Topic – Outdoor Living: AB Courtyard & 3D Modeling Service

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The AB Courtyard Collection® is a beautiful, free-standing patio wall system that is effortlessly installed and affordable. With more people staying at home the addition of an outdoor living space is on everyone’s must-have list this summer.

Have a customer that is not sure what they are looking for? Show them Allan Block’s Design Ideas catalog to get them motivated in creating an amazing outdoor living space for years to come. It is available in three different styles.

The AB Courtyard Collection will give your clients the variety to create the outside space they desire.

  • AB New World Courtyard
  • AB Old Country Courtyard
  • AB Courtyard

Still need a bit more help to close in on those hard to convince clients? Try out our free 3D modeling tool to show your customers what they can expect after construction is complete. Using our Courtyard app, they can receive:

  • Two-dimensional plan, elevation, and section views for the patio or wall
  • 3D renderings with textures, colors, and patterns
  • Material estimates for everything you will need that will allow you to create a competitive quote for the project
3d illustration of courtyard backyard AB Courtyard wall and firepit with New World Facing Units

If you would like to see what your 3D model could look like fill out our 3D Model Request Form and send it to salessupport@allanblock.com. You can also reach us at 800-899-5309 ext. 2 for additional information and support. Check out all the other tools and services Allan Block provides on our website allanblock.com

Remembering Matt Walker – AB Master Wall Builder

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In December we lost a valued member of the Allan Block community, Matt Walker with Dick Brickell & Sons, Inc. in Denver Colorado. Matt was a part of the retaining wall industry for over 35 years and was responsible for personally installing upwards of one million square feet of Allan Block over his long career. He was an outstanding retaining wall installer who took pride in his work and often liked to point out completed walls he was involved with while driving all around Colorado. Matt will be sorely missed by his family, colleagues, friends, and the retaining wall industry. Rest in peace Matt.

Matt Walker

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