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Q3 2021 Issue

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Contractor ABU (Allan Block University) Online is picking up the pace during the winter months. Check out the topics and dates below and register today for the online events that best fit your schedule. These events happen once a month and on the third Tuesday of each month all year long. Simply click the link below for each of the events that best fits into your day:

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Allan Block provides 8 different webinars to attend. We have two different topics each day of the week.

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Inspiring Projects

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

Allan Block Retaining Wall Photo

In this Issue:

What’s New @ AB – Allan Block 3D Modeling at Your Service

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Scribbled walls on napkins just does not cut it anymore. Technology is heading a different direction and Allan Block’s 3D Modeling services will help get you there.

Competition is high, so when you are closing in on a project and someone is on the “wall” about choosing to work with you, give them a realistic visualization of their project in their own space. This will show them that you have not only the materials, but the tools and support to give them what they want.

All you need to do is fill out this 3D Model Request Form and send it in to salessupport@allanblock.com. Include any landscape ideas, sketches, or before photos, and we can create a stunning three-dimensional model of the AB retaining wall project. This gives you an advantage in your marketplace by offering a more complete design package, that includes product and color options, giving the customer an accurate personalized perspective of what look and style they are going for in the design process.

3D Modeling Terrace

Promote Your Project at the HNA

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Do you have an outstanding hardscape project using Allan Block showing residential or commercial, walkways, patios, driveways, and commercial plazas, parking lots, or streets?

Hardscape North America

One of the industry’s finest shows is happening again on October 20th – 22nd 2021, Hardscape North America (HNA) in Louisville, KY. This show continues to grow each year and showcases the latest and greatest products available to help you with your business. We will be there - stop by and say "Hi"!

Do you want to see your project featured on the HNA website and several other industry publications?! Award winners will be recognized during the 2021 HNA Awards Recognition Presentation.

Get some free SWAG and send us your project photos so we can submit them! Email Gerri or call (800) 899-5309 ex. 216.

Add Another Certification to your Resume

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Are you looking to add another service in your repertoire? Allan Block has another product, AB Fence, that comes with its own training and certification course to provide you with knowledge and skills to install privacy or sound fences correctly and efficiently.

Very similar to the wall certification program, Allan Block has a Fence Certification Program to advance you through Certified, Experienced and finally, Master Fence installers. The requirements for each level are:

Certified AB Fence Installer:

  • Attend training seminar
  • Build 1st AB Fence
Fence Vine

Experienced AB Fence Installer:

  • Complete Certified Fence Installer Status
  • Complete five AB Fence projects
    • Over 6 ft (1.8 m) in height
    • Fence designs for each project
    • Stamped designs on 3 of 5 projects
    • Range of site conditions
    • Constructed to industry tolerances
    • Written project proposal
    • Material Lien Waivers
Fence Vine

Master AB Fence Installer:

  • Complete Certified and Experienced Fence Installer status
  • Install 50,000 ft2 (4,650 m2) of AB Fence or use AB on 10 projects averaging 2,000 ft2 (185 m2)
  • Supply references

Any AB Fence project submitted for certification advancement is also eligible for the AB Contractor Rewards Program. For more information or to find a class reach out to info@allanblock.com

Contractor Talk - Installing Made Easy with Allan Block Units

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One of the benefits we have is working with thousands of AB Certified Contractors all over the world, and we are always interested in getting their feedback on why they continue to partner with us and provide solutions for their customers. As you know, we have the programs and tools to support the products, but they do comment on how the Allan Block products function. For example:

  • One block can do curves or straight walls. Allan Block units are easily installed around curves with radii as tight as 4 ft (1.2m) using the AB Classic. Another option is to use the AB Jumbo Junior for an even tighter radius when needed.
  • They love the fact that the Allan Block units are lighter weight since they have a hollow core, which makes stacking and placing the block less work. Simply fill in the cores of the block with the same wall rock used at the back of the wall to maintain the stability needed and handle water better.
Course Patterns
  • The modular design and the top lip and bottom notch allow them to be creative as they take their projects to the next level. Creating a pattern wall with four block shapes is easily done and using the preset pattern layouts keeps the crews productive. Available in both two-course and three-course increments.
Course Patterns

Here is how it works. After setting up your base course and first layer of geogrid, adding additional courses is as easy as:

  1. Installing the next course, or start of pattern.
  2. Backfilling with wall rock in cores and behind block.
  3. Compacting on top of the block (on second course and above) and behind the wall with a plate compactor. Use end of shovel to compact wall rock in the block between complete patterns.
  4. Install a layer of geogrid (if required) and repeat.

Compact in lifts of 8 in. (200 mm) or less and always make a minimum of two passes with a plate compactor. Compaction should be continued to achieve solid, movement-free soil.

Think you are ready to join the big league of laying block? Become an Allan Block Certified Contractor! Sign up for our next class on August 25th or September 23rd. Have other questions? Give us a call at 1-800-899-5309 or shoot us an email at info@allanblock.com.

Featured Collection – AB Courtyard

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When it comes to outdoor living and patio projects, look no further than the AB Courtyard Collection. Concise installation, versatile application options, and beautiful results encapsulate the creativity of this five-block system. The charming results of a free-standing seating wall adds a whole new allure to any backyard.

Lighting Feature

A few different facing options are available within this assemblage: AB Courtyard being the original, split-face façade; AB Old Country Courtyard featuring the softer, tumbled look of yore; and AB New World Courtyard touting a stellar, smooth, new aesthetic. Integrating additional features such as lighting, fencing, benches, or foliage can be achieved in any proposal with ease. Walls aren’t the only option with this system, either. Barbeque surrounds, outdoor kitchens and patio areas, ponds, and firepits are just a few other ideas to pitch to patrons looking for spiffy new elements for their outdoor garden enjoyment.

Many tech sheets, helpful reference guides, and resources to build pre-designed patio packages are on our website, with thorough details explaining all the ins and outs of putting a project together. Contact your local AB sales rep for more information on product availability and color options offered in your region!

Hot Topic – Turbo Charge your Residential Submittals and Save Time

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Don’t waste your time searching for all the necessary documents to complete your project permit… use the Allan Block Residential Submittal Tool. All the documents you could ever need are in one easy-to-use tool that will make this time-consuming task a snap.

Commercial and Residential Builder

The Residential Submittal Tool is an easy-to-use web page that compiles a free, professionally formatted document you can use to differentiate yourself from your competition. This tool provides a simple interface that makes finding all the necessary documents as easy as possible. It provides you with access to a wide range of products and colors that are available in your area, making it quick and accurate to use. It can even make it easier going through the permitting/approval phase for each project since the product and design information is all in one place and clearly laid out.

To find the Residential Submittal Tool, go to allanblock.com and select “Custom Catalog & Submittal Builder”. Then, simply enter your name and zip code. Next, select the products and accessories you would like to include, enter an email address, and the tool will generate your own custom-made AB Residential Submittal Package. Each product selected will include color photos and swatches and the availability. We provide tools that allow you to work more efficiently, making Allan Block the go-to product of choice.

Residential Output
See Sample Output Here

MWB Spotlight: Andy Kushner & Kushner Contracting Inc.

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Few states are home to as much national history as Pennsylvania, and this quarter we’re headed South-East from Pittsburg to showcase a bit of Allan Block history. Andy Kushner, owner of Kushner Contracting Inc, was one of the very first Allan Block Master Wall Builders and has been installing Allan Block since it was first produced in his area. Andy’s reputation is second to none and every wall he has built is still standing today.

In 1981 Andy started his company, focusing on excavation work and a few other services. It wasn’t until a few years later that a retaining wall project got sent his way, and after a bit of research, Andy decided that he wanted to use Allan Block. His first project was substantial enough to utilize geogrid reinforcement and all the blocks were produced by Nitterhouse Masonry, Pittsburg’s local Allan Block manufacturer (pictured below). When Allan Block first introduced the AB Contractor Certification and Rewards Program, Andy was one of the first to go through the process of getting certified and is now the go-to contractor in his area.

Andy Kushner First Wall

Because so many quality walls were installed by Andy in the Irwin, PA area, his reputation spread, and business flowed his way. He flew past the Experienced Wall Builder status and had no problems meeting the requirements to become an Allan Block Master Wall Builder. Since then, Andy has continued to install beautiful-looking retaining walls with the help of his son, and the occasional part-time helper. When we spoke with him, Andy said that he was very appreciative of the Allan Block system, and the constant support that his local Allan Block representative at Nitterhouse, Jason Beatty, provides him. He also wanted to thank his former Allan Block representative, Karla Tosten, who would regularly reach out and make sure all his hardscapes needs were being met. If anyone understands that the value of Allan Block extends beyond the block itself, it’s Andy.

When asked if he had any advice to share with other contractors, Andy told us that above all else, it’s most important that you stay true to what you say. Accountability means everything to Andy, and he believes that if issues ever arise, it’s important to make sure they are addressed. Here at Allan Block, we couldn’t agree more. Luckily, we know that if Andy Kushner is the one installing an Allan Block retaining wall, that will never be an issue. Andy, we can’t thank you enough for the many years of amazing work that you’ve completed. When walls are built with your attention to detail, adherence to best practices, and industry-leading quality, it moves the whole industry in the right direction. We look forward to our continued work with you and hope that many are inspired by your mastery in the industry.

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