Do-It-Yourself Landscapes

A Complete Landscape - Front to Back

As Walt Disney once said – “If you can dream it, you can do it.” That is exactly what Roger Davis, a 67 year old retired engineer and homeowner did. When Davis bought his Colorado home back in 2006, the existing property did not have a beautiful landscape, but it did have potential. His vision of a beautiful and functional space would require retaining walls, a new driveway, a courtyard patio and walkways.

Patio Enclosure

Patio Enclosure
Retaining Wall with Stairs Europa

With the help of the local Allan Block manufacturer, Basalite, Davis was able to choose the perfect colors and the right Allan Block products and paving stones he needed to make his dream become a reality.

Working evenings and weekends, Davis set out to construct his landscaping all by himself. He began with grading the site and excavating the trenches for the retaining walls. Once the actual building of the retaining walls began, his goal was to lay 30 blocks a day to keep the project moving forward.

Using the AB Dover block from the AB Europa Collection, by Allan Block, the terraced retaining walls in the front, with an inviting stairway were constructed first, offering a beautiful entrance to his new home. The raised patio in the backyard was built next also using the AB Dover. After the walls and raised patio were complete, Davis finished off the driveway, walkways and backyard patio area with paving stones. The final phase of construction was the patio enclosure. This was constructed using the AB Courtyard Collection products by Allan Block. Using a combination of posts and wall panels, Davis was able to capture the essence of his dream backyard with courtyard dining and entertaining area, complete with gates and lighting.

While building this entire project took Davis a little while to complete, being able to plan, design and build his dream landscape made the whole project that much sweeter. He dreamt it, built it, and now he gets to sit back and enjoy it. What’s your dream?

Excerpt from Landscape Newsletter Issue #33