Taking a Backyard Makeover to a New Level

Redefining the Unusable into Outdoor Living Spaces

How does one decide what to do with the impossible? Ask an expert! One homeowner in Tennessee did just that when they needed to do something with their sloping yard that provided virtually no space to enjoy the outdoors. The home, located in Leipers Fork, TN had no flat or usable space; in fact the lot sloped in two directions, making it impossible to use the yard as it was. The homeowners wanted to add not only useable space to the area, but room for a pool and entertaining – no simple task.

Backyard raised patio with stairs and terraces

Allan Block replaced failing timber walls
retaining walls

Kyle at Peek Pools and Certified Allan Block Installers, Greenworks Landscaping were called in to tackle the project. The first thing that had to be done was to take the 50 foot slope and turn it into some useable space. Over 1500 sq. ft. of retaining walls and 2100 sq. ft. of pavers were needed to make this area look as if it had always been there.

In order to make the most of the space, the pool and the patio areas had to flow over the transitions in the slope. The contractor was able to do this by building a 10 ft. Allan Block retaining wall with stairs that terrace the walls creating a multi-level space for the pool with a vanishing edge, a waterfall and a 35 foot slide.

While access to the yard during construction presented a bit of a challenge, this was not the toughest part of the job. The biggest challenge was creating this masterpiece with very little input from the homeowners as they were away during the actual construction of the project. This left the final product and color selections to the contractor and his crew. While there may have been a few sleepless nights for the contractor; the homeowners couldn’t be happier with the outdoor space they received.

With the multi-level patio area, water features, outdoor kitchen area, fire pit and the night-time lighting; this backyard went from impossible to incredible. Now the family can spend their days enjoying the sun and the pool and their nights relaxing by the fire or the waterfall.

Allan Block Has Designed A New Block – The AB Aztec Collection

Allan Block has just released another style and look for their most popular retaining wall – the AB Aztec Collection. Allan Block was tasked with creating something new and exciting from contractors and producers and this new collection has gotten outstanding feedback from the initial product reviews and validation surveys completed.

The concept for the AB Aztec took the blocks from the AB Collection and gave them a different face and style. By altering a few things, the manufacturer can now create this new molded, smooth face that gives a subtle but impressive new look. By just changing the look, the AB Aztec keeps the dependable Allan Block system but offers it in a brand new centuries old style.

No need to learn the tricks of a new system, the AB Aztec uses the same installation and engineering as our AB and AB Europa Collections, just with a new smooth, molded face look that is subtle but impressive.

retaining walls

Some of the AB Aztec's product features:

  • New smooth molded face look
  • Same block sizes as the AB Collection and AB Europa Collection
  • Can be integrated in with the AB and AB Europa Collections
  • Same easy installation process

The AB Aztec will not only look stunning built by itself, but is going to allow for building upgraded patterned walls. By integrating the AB Aztec blocks in with the AB and AB Europa blocks, you will not only achieve a pattern, but textures changes as well. Offering a look and style unique to the project. With the same installation process and no new tricks to learn, these blocks are sure to become a hit with contractors, DIY’s and customers in no time.

New for 2016! Check with your local Allan Block manufacturer to ask when this product will be available in your area.