Front Yard Landscapes

Create Curb Appeal with Allan Block

Residential landscape professionals provide a wide range of services, from planting and maintenance to the design and installation of elaborate outdoor environments. The one thing landscape designers have in common is a passion for helping homeowners create "Curb Appeal" - improving the look and feel of their customers’ home exterior.

Whether the homeowner simply wants to upgrade their home's appearance or are preparing to sell their home, creating curb appeal adds both satisfaction and value.

Terraced wall in front yard

AB Europa, a weathred style for retaining walls

Patterned wall with stairs

While there are a number of ways to upgrade the exterior of a home, like a fresh coat of paint or new shutters, it's landscaping that has the biggest impact in curb appeal. According to Shari Leubner of Cornerstone Mortgage, "The first thing prospective buyers notice is how good the home looks when they pull up. Attractive landscaping adds curb appeal and helps a home sell fast - and for more money."

Front yard landscaping projects range from low walls for borders, entryways, tree rings and planters - to larger landscape retaining walls with terraces and fountains. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind:

Landscape Design Tips - From the AB Professionals

  • Allan Block's design versatility gives you unlimited options. Use free-form designs, multi-level terraces and freestanding shapes in open areas to create visual interest.

  • Accentuate the home's exterior colors with an Allan Block retaining wall block color. Check with your local Allan Block supplier for product and color availability.

  • Terrace a steep slope with two or more smaller walls rather than one large retaining wall.

  • Install outdoor lighting in and around the walls. AB's hollow core block makes it easy to install lighting right into the wall.

  • Use built-in planters to break up long landscape walls.

Designs to Help Add Style and Beauty to Your Project

Wall with curves and stairs

Terraced walls with stairs and planters

Curved retaining walls with step ups

Curved walls by driveway

Design A Flowing Entryway

Allan Block’s design flexibility gives you flowing curves, straight lines, stairways and much more. Create stairways to the front door that welcome visitors in style. Match the stairway design to the natural slope of the front yard. On steep grades, keep the stair treads tight together and on gentle slopes, add pavers or other materials to increase the tread depth.

Create More Usable Space

Use Allan Block to create a raised, front-yard patio or beautiful terraced planters that soften the landscape. Turn the entire front yard into an attractive inviting front porch. Take unused and unattractive yard space and turn it into functional areas with architectural appeal.

Improve Sloping Front Yards

Tame difficult slopes and hard-to-maintain areas with terraced walls. Design the terraces to compliment the surrounding landscape. Use straight walls to create a formal structured look and flowing curves for a softer, more natural feel. Building terraced walls requires careful planning. Contact your local Allan Block dealer or engineering professional for design assistance.

Match the Home’s Architecture and Landscape

Use the Allan Block Collections to coordinate the landscape with the style of the home. The AB Europa Collection features weathered blocks that can be combined to create an old world antique look. The AB Collection blocks can be mixed together to create the look of classic cut stone that provide simple and economical landscape solutions.

Top 10 Design Ideas for Curb Appeal

  1. Match or accent an AB block color to the color of the house.
  2. Turn sloping hillsides into terraced gardens.
  3. Create a front yard patio.
  4. Install raised flower beds to provide splashes of color and architecture.
  5. Replace landscape timbers with AB Abbey or AB Ashlar Blend patterned walls.
  6. Use patterned AB walls to match the stonework on the house.
  7. Build stairways using the AB Europa Collection with matching pavers.
  8. Install raised planters to accent an entryway.
  9. Build tree ring planters to match the landscape walls.
  10. Frame the driveway with terraced walls.

Use Allan Block to Create First Impressions

Flowing Entryway Project

Create Flowing Entryways

Shape the landscape with sweeping curves or stairs for more inviting entryways

Updated Garden Project

Add a Landscape Accent or Raised Garden

Add color and style with a raised flower garden. They are easy to build and provide an instant appeal

“Curb appeal is the first thing that's going to attract a buyer in any price range,” says Jane Smith, a real estate agent with Five Star Realty. “A home's appearance is as important to the potential buyers of a starter home as it is to those in the high end of the market.” Check out the before and after examples of how updating the front entryway can make a significant difference.

Appeal By The Numbers

Updated Entryway Project

Makeover the Front Entrance

Welcome their family and friends with an inviting landscape

100% - 200%

Is the average percentage of return on the investment is earned with a properly installed and maintained landscape. - Bonnie Van Fleet, Associated Landscape Contractors of America


The average percentage of curb appeal is in the landscaping. It's often the first thing that people notice. - Shari Leubner, Cornerstone Mortgage


The average of purchase decisions are made within the first 60 seconds after a potential buyer sees a house for sale. - Vaughn Mulcrone, CB Burnet Realty Edina Realty


The average of houses are sold based on curb appeal. - National Association of Realtors


The most important indicator of price and how fast a listing will sell is curb appeal. The 1st is location, 2nd is floor-plan design and 3rd is condition of the home. - National Association of Realtors

Excerpt from Landscape Newsletter Issue #8