AB Walls 2007: Software Makes Designing a Segmental Retaining Wall Easy Without Compromising Stability

2/5/2009 MINNEAPOLIS, MN – In an effort to simplify how segmental retaining walls are designed, Allan Block has enhanced and improved our software package, AB Walls 2007, and version 8.6 is now available. It is now even easier to provide retaining wall designs with the ultimate accuracy and structural stability.

Allan Block is excited to be the first in the industry to release a design tool that includes the new design methodology from NCMA’s anticipated 3rd Edition to their Segmental Retaining Wall Design Manual. This new design methodology includes the addition of Internal Compound Stability and the way internal seismic forces are distributed.

The software continues to allow the designer to generate elevation, plan and multiple cross sectional views of their retaining wall project. However, it now gives even more design options for the engineer to choose from, keeping AB Walls 2007 Version 8.6 the most flexible design tool available for engineering segmental retaining walls.

With this new design software and methodology comes supporting documents like the new AB Engineering Manual and Tech Sheets that will explain the changes to the designers. AB Walls 2007 version 8.6 is only available on CD.

Allan Block Corporation is a leading provider of retaining wall systems for commercial, industrial, roadway and residential projects. With millions of square feet of retaining wall product installed though out the world, Allan Block has the resources to deliver performance and quality to every project.



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