Introducing, The Savior!

Save Your Back, Save Your Money, Save Your Time

The Savior is a revolutionary block grapple designed to “take the ‘man’ out of manual labor.” Attachable to any bobcat, crane, loader, or excavator, this remarkable machine cuts labor costs, increases production, and makes job sites safer. Features and specs include:

  • 800 lb (363 kg) lift capacity
  • Has a pivot pad on backside for versatile movability
  • Adjustable 10-speed settings
  • Can lift most any type of SRW block
  • Operates in all types of weather conditions
    • Cold or Hot
    • Snow or Rain
    • Wind or Mud
  • Opens to approx. 18" (46 cm) inside lift pads
  • Closes tightly against lift pads
  • Overall unit weight of 250 lbs (113 kg)
  • Custumizable orders to fit all business needs
    • Size
    • Lift capacity
    • Lugs
    • Ears
    • Quick Change

Visit the Versa-Lift Block Grapple webiste for more details, and watch The Savior in action here in this amazing video demo!

Versa-Lift Block Grapple