AB Walls Online Training Program


At Allan Block, AB stands for Always Better! In keeping with this motto, the team at Allan Block has created an online training program for Engineers with basic and advanced tutorials on AB Walls Design Software. Engineers now have the ability to register and sign in to watch individual videos within the training program on using the AB Walls Design Software.


Why Go Online?

Allan Block is always evolving and providing bigger and better tools for the designers using our products. We already provide 1 on 1 tutorials on AB Walls with engineers who request them, and while we would still like to do all tutorials 1 on 1, we understand that scheduling can sometimes be a challenge. We now have this training series that can be used as a refresher or a reference tool anytime to find answers quickly and easily when you need them most.

If you would like to request a tutorial, contact your local Allan Block Sales Rep or the Allan Block Engineering Department.

Earn Continuing Education Units (CEU's)


Like all Allan Block training modules, the online training program complies with the IACET requirements and allows AB Corporate to award CEU's. In order to request a credit hour for online training, you must first complete individual assessments upon watching each video.

Once the correct answers are submitted, you will be able to see your progress throughout the process and upon completing the full tutorial, you will be prompted to request your certificate. Please note, each training series can only be completed for CEU's once. The online tutorial does will not count if you have already completed the 1 on 1 tutorial with someone at Allan Block Corporate.

With this new online training program you can learn about AB Walls Design Software and Earn CEU credits at our own pace and at a time that works best for you.


For any questions, please contact the Allan Block Engineering Department at (952) 835-5309 engineering@allanblock.com.