AB Retaining Wall Estimating Tool

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Current Version: Beta

Available in english and metric units.

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What Does it Do?

The new web-based AB Estimating Tool is designed to save you time while helping to educate you on what needs to be considered, estimate the project accurately while following the industry’s zero wall failure initiative, and prepare quality results that will help you sell your project. From pricing sheets to site specific details and elevation views, this tool will help you elevate your proposals and bring value to your customers.

How it works:

No downloads, no installations—just seamless accessibility on any device. The tool provides instant access to educational resources, with links and videos tailored to each screen. Customize settings based on your role—dealer, homeowner, contractor, or production partner.

Product Selection and Results:

Select your products and let the AB Estimating Tool do the rest. It generates a complete package with cover pages, wall-specific details, and proposals. Customizable addendums are available, customized to fit contractor needs.

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Estimating Allan Block RW Open Screen
Choose your Soil program screen
Project Elevation screen
Export Options with the AB Estimating Tool

Example Output: