AB Fieldstone Provides Installation and Cost Relief
For Natural Stone Lovers

Adding Definition and Character to the Outdoors

Retaining walls can be one of the best investments you can make in your landscape. Aside from aesthetic appeal, a retaining wall adds stability, controls erosion and creates more usable space. We know that wood walls may seem like an economical choice but they don’t last forever. Stone walls are both beautiful and long lasting but the cost of materials and installation can often be pretty steep. This leaves the middle of the road to concrete retaining walls. They are a great choice for economy and longevity and are manufactured in a variety of colors and textures.

retaining wall

AB Fieldstone by Allan Block

But what do you do when your desire says “natural stone” and your budget says “concrete”? The solution is AB Fieldstone, by Allan Block. AB Fieldstone is a two-piece system with a variety of interchangeable facing units to emulate the textures and colors of natural stone.


Because of its two-piece system, the anchoring units can be made with recycled materials and without color to make them more cost effective and eco-friendly. This leaves the color and texture focus on the facing units which can be mixed and matched from the available styles to create beautiful and natural looking stone walls.

The Many Faces of Fieldstone

retaining wall

Cascade Series

retaining wall

Sierra Series

retaining wall

Colinial Series

retaining wall

Heritage Series

Natural stone is labor intensive and may require lots of cutting to create the look you want, where AB Fieldstone has a built-in corner, the blocks are lighter and easier to install. AB Fieldstone walls can be built taller than standard walls without geogrid and every block is the same height allowing for simple and quick installation.

Aside from building retaining walls, AB Fieldstone can be used to build free-standing parapet walls for planters, seating walls, enclosures and more. Build stairways, corners, curved and free-standing walls all with the beauty and style of natural stone, without the cost or hassle. Stone lovers now have an easy and affordable option that is not only easy to build and is made with renewable resources, but is beautiful to behold. – Just like natural stone.

To learn more about AB Fieldstone, download our catalog or visit our website at allanblock.com.